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Advantages Of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is an excellent way to rehabilitate worn out drains & pipes within a home or business. The procedure allows you to repair pipes without having to dig up the old pipes. This saves you from the costly and time-intensive procedures involved if you were to dig up old or damaged pipes.

Prime Pipe Relining can fix a broken or damaged pipe which is buried under metres of compacted ground. Especially one which is situated in a hard to reach location like under a building, an established garden, or infrastructure such as driveways, roads or retaining walls. In the past there was only one option, to dig up and replace the pipe, regardless of the situation.

Thanks to modern advances in trenchless pipe relining technology, you have another choice. Trenchless pipe relining is a fast, innovative solution to this age-old problem presenting a cost-effective pipe repair option for difficult to access pipes.

Pipe relining tools

Pipe relining takes place on quite a localised scale, typically requiring minimal excavation work and just one access hole. On the other hand, pipe replacement is typically more time-consuming, often lasting weeks and even months.

When homeowners or commercial property owners experience broken or burst pipes, one of the most effective ways to fix these pipes is through Prime Pipe Relining Sydney. Not only is our pipe relining Sydney-wide service a speedy solution, it also happens to be the most cost-effective way to repair and replace a broken pipe. Our trenchless pipe relining system is the quickest, most cost-effective way to repair your drain or sewer, as there is no requirement to dig up the damaged pipe. It can also be completed quickly within a couple of hours depending on how much drain pipe relining is required.

With our innovative solutions, we can repair your drain system without disrupting your home or business. Pipe relining is also cheaper than replacing a whole drainage system and will provide you with lasting results preventing more costs in the future.

Pipe relining tools

We highly recommend our expert Sydney based pipe relining service because of its cost-effective nature and mess-free process:

Things You Should All Know About Pipe Relining

Prime Pipe Relining

You save on the cost, time and hassle of re-concreting your driveway and/or restoring your landscaping.

Long Life Product

Pipes repaired using relining are stronger than PVC pipes, have more effective protection from root penetration than newly installed pipes, and a life expectancy of 50 years

Quick Installation

Most pipes can be repaired in one day.

Minimal Distruption

Jobs are completed without the mess and noise of excavation allowing you to minimise disruption to your household.

Peace of Mind

Feel at ease with our 50 year guarantee for relined pipes and a free 6 monthly camera inspection to guarantee the longevity of our completed work.