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Pipe Patching Sectional Pipe Repair

Prime Pipe Relining has a permanent and environmentally friendly epoxy liner that is cured-in-place and costs much less than new pipes, even when actual pieces of pipe are missing, it is still part of sectional pipe repair.

There is no need to tear  up your lawn, landscaping, walls, or floors to access your pipes. We simply go through one access point, clean and dry the pipe interiors, and then pull the liner in place. Once it has cured, your pipes are free of corrosion, blockages and tree roots cannot force their way through into your pipes. This process is also named “pull in place” pipe rehabilitation and this method can permanently fix 1 metre up to 30 metres of damaged pipework.

All pipe relining jobs require only one or two days to complete. Business staff, clients, or family members will not have to alter their routines. Prime Pipe Relining offer a pipe patching service that is an easy stress free process, plus it’s highly affordable.

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